Hi, TreeTree here. creatingcreating is kinda mymy obsession.obsession.


Always a bit of strange bean, I’ve been conjuring up art, in some form or another since the tender age of a finger-painting prodigy! As a child, I was always found somewhere with my markers and crayons – usually coloring or drawing on something I shouldnt be. Either that or I would be hand sewing clothes for my dolls.

As I grew I ventured into the world of painting and sculpting, molding reality into fantastical forms.

In my adult life what really makes me sparkle is designing costumes and unique headpieces and props. From commisioned couture for hair competitions to costume looks straight out of fairy tales, my creations are a delightful explosion of creativity and expression.

I’ve also been know to be a community alchemist, weaving together social spells to bring people together. I love creating events and gatherins that enchant and unite the community, making everyone feel like they belong in a magical wonderland of joy and laughter. 

Currently, I primarily focus on costumes and print on demand. After having my daughter, life got much more busy and this was a way for me to still be ble to create and do what I love while still making time for my little one and my family. Also, I really believe that the mass production level of products in general these days is absolutley wasteful and harmful to the environment.

If you’d like to learn more about my passion to produce ethical and sustainbale clothing you can click the link below.

Feel freefree toto reachreach outout viavia e-maile-mail oddball@oddballworks.com